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Welcome to Efie Group - We support those seeking to experience home in a redefined way. Learn more about our offerings for your personalized experience on the African continent!

Learn more about our offerings for your personalized experience on the African continent!

about us

Efie (noun) pronounced: Eh•Fee•Yay, means home in the Ghanaian Twi (Akan) language.

  • Dare to experience

    At Efie Consulting Group it is our objective to make every exploration experience memorable, to ensure that every experience is co-created and designed with our clients and to provide a sound end to end travel and investment experience that cultivates curiosity, excitement, and joyous returns.

  • Efie is presently helping travelers to explore Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria, more countries coming soon.

Our Services

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A Solo/Duo Traveller

We make it easier for you to enjoy unique experiences with the guidance and support of a team. Our solo/duo travel options allow you to create travel experiences that speak to your needs.

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A Curious Investor

We make it easy for you to travel and connect with relevant and vetted industry professionals within our network.

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A Recent Returnee

Do you need some support settling in? Our team can support you with readjusting seamlessly.

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Akwaaba, Welcome Home!

I have had the pleasure of living in multiple countries, but since moving back home to Ghana, everything has come full circle for me and now I’m on a mission to help others who are curious about the continent. There are mounds of opportunity to explore and contribute in a way that supports the economic progress of several African countries.

Since moving back home, strangers have become friends as I’ve helped friends of friends to enjoy their solo experience in Ghana, I figured I could open this opportunity for others. I’m happy you’re here and you’re curious. Hopefully, my team and I can make this experience memorable for you as well.

See you soon!


Do you cover flight, housing, insurance, and visas?

At the moment travel expenses are covered by the traveler, however we can offer recommendations for flight, housing, and visa preparation support.

Why do you only offer solo/duo trips?

There are several opportunities for large group travel (we can recommend some) we wanted to focus on those individuals who want to explore and experience a new country on their own or with a friend/partner. Sometimes travelling by yourself (especially if its your first time) can be a bit unnerving but now you can enjoy the experience with an entire team behind you.

Can I add at least one more person? We may end up being a trio!

Sure, reach out to us via info@efiegroup.com learn more about our small group travel experience. We can customize a tour on your behalf. Be sure to include information about the size of your group, the dates you are interested in, and if you are traveling for enjoyment or investment or both!

You mentioned something about investment, does this mean I have to invest while booking a trip?

No, you do not have to invest while on one our trips. It’s an option as part of our work. We serve two types of travelers; those who travel by themselves and those who travel to seek opportunities. However, if you do enjoy your trip so much that you’re curious about potentially owning a home or connecting with people within your industry, we can make that happen for you.

Okay, I’ve decided to book my trip what happens next?

Once you’ve booked your trip you’ll receive an emailed welcome packet (within two-three days) the gives you all the details about your trip. You’ll also be invited to join our travelers circle by downloading our app. A week prior to take off one of our team members will reach out for an onboarding session.