Efie (noun) pronounced: Eh~Fee~Yay, means home in the Ghanaian Twi (Akan) language. At Efie Consulting Group it is our objective to make every exploration experience memorable, to ensure that every experience is co-created and designed with our clients and to provide a sound end to end travel and investment experience that cultivates curiosity, excitement, and joyous returns. At Efie, we want every experience to provide the comfort of home with the novelty cultural exploration! 

Efie is presently helping travelers to explore Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria, more countries coming soon. 

Efie Consulting Group is a business consulting group that helps curious explorers create travel experiences within Africa that enable them to enjoy the benefits of leisure and cultivate potential business opportunity. We aim to create a bridge between the diaspora who seek to reconnect with the continent in a meaningful way. 

Are you a solo traveler?

Our solo/duo travel options allow you to create travel experiences that speak to your needs

Are you a curious investor?

Travel and connect with relevant and vetted industry professionals within our network

Are you a recent returnee to Ghana?

Our team can support you with readjusting seamlessly 

Akwaaba, Welcome Home! 

I have had the pleasure of living in multiple countries, but since moving back home to Ghana, everything has come full circle for me and now I’m on a mission to help others who are curious about the continent. There are mounds of opportunity to explore and contribute in a way that supports the economic progress of several African countries. Since moving back home, strangers have become friends as I’ve helped friends of friends to enjoy their solo experience in Ghana, I figured I could open this opportunity for others. I’m happy you’re here and you’re curious. Hopefully, my team and I can make this experience memorable for you as well. See you soon! 

Founder Bio: 

Jewel Thompson is the principal consultant of Efie Consulting Group. She is an award-winning social impact strategist with over ten years of experience working with NGOs, social enterprises, and start-ups. She has been invited to speak on her work and facilitate trainings and workshops within the United States, Europe, and Ghana. She is an assistant lecturer of entrepreneurship at Ashesi University and researcher. She is passionate about businesses that lead to impact. She is the founder of Eco-Launch a Ghanaian based business advisory firm that supports early growth African social impact startups that seek to expand their offerings globally and co-founder of LITH, Africa a mind health and wellness platform that supports the well-being of African university students. A former World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Acumen West African Fellow, 30 under 30 recipient and Fast Company World Changing Ideas honoree she’s a woman on a mission. 

I’d love to connect: 

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